Use the Provider Directory to Connect with Members

Are you a Caregiver looking for a member? Do you want to find more hours? Check out the Consumer Direct Care Network (CDCN) Provider Directory! 

The Provider Directory is a website that connects people and families who need in-home care services with Caregiving professionals like you. 

It’s as easy as 1.2.3…

  1. Visit the Provider Directory
  2. Click the blue register button.
  3. Make your free Caregiver profile: include when you can work, your experience and skills, and where you want to work. 

After creating your profile, people seeking care in your area can contact you about your services. 

Click the button below to create your free Caregiver profile today.  

Find Caregiving Jobs on the Provider Directory

New Job Alerts: Never miss a caregiving opportunity again!

Versión en español disponible: ¡Bienvenido! El Directorio de proveedores incluye una versión en español.

Seamless Navigation: Explore the Provider Directory with our new, easy-to-use design.

Direct Messaging Feature: Connect directly with members, making it easier to talk about your services.

New Filters for Caregiver Profiles: New options give you control over how your profile shows up.


Want help with how to use the CDCN Provider Directory? Click the links below to learn how to use this tool.

Information for Caregivers looking for Members:

Provider Directory Brochure: Find a Member  Near You
A brochure about the Provider Directory.

How to Sign Up As A Worker – PDF
This is for people who want to make their caregiver account.

How to Update Your Profile – PDF
If you already have an account and want to change it, this will show you how.

How to Restart an Old Account – PDF
If you haven’t used your account in a long time, this will tell you how to sign in again.

Information for people looking for Caregivers:

Provider Directory Brochure: Find a Caregiver Near You
A brochure about the Provider Directory.

How to Find A Caregiver – PDF
This is for people who want to find a Caregiver.